Finding Work With Freelance Writing Job Markets

Choosing freelance writing as a career is an easy decision; when it comes to finding freelance writing jobs and freelance writing gigs, get the job done.

As many freelance writers know, finding freelance work can be time consuming, require a lot of effort and heartache. Countless rejection letters, ongoing inquiry letters, and ultimately nothing guaranteed.

This is where the ghostwriter and writer’s market comes into play. Ghostwriting allows you to make money while looking for a career breakthrough. Ghostwriting freelance writing jobs can be found all over the internet, but the best place to start is the writers marketplace.

Most people are probably familiar with the two main marketplaces for freelance writers:


Both marketplaces for freelance writers charge a fee, and in order to bid on any of the freelance writing jobs listed, you must be a member. You choose your membership level, so if you’re not sure if this style of writing is right for you, you only pay the minimum membership fee. At Elance, the minimum membership allows you to bid on three projects per month for free, after which you will be charged $1.50 for each bid you make.

If you work through Elance, you will be charged for all items received. The fee is 8.75% for first projects and 4.35% for repeat projects. All work should be done through Elance and all communication should be done through your private client message boards. Payments can be made via PayPal or Elance and all transactions are recorded in your account.

Bid on freelance writing jobs

One thing I cannot stress enough when bidding on freelance writing jobs is honesty. Your bidding process is key to impressing potential customers, and this is where honesty is crucial. Never claim that you can do something you can’t and always provide the correct information.

If a client wants 10 keyword-related weight loss articles with a word count of between 600 and 800, then your price should reflect the work involved. This includes research, compiling the research, writing the essay, formatting the essay, and finally proofreading the essay. A very important advice for correct pricing is:

o Create a sample and take the time to see how long it takes to research, write, edit, format and proofread a 600 word essay on any topic. If each article is an hour long, price each article based on this information.

As mentioned earlier, the bidding process in any freelance writer market is your way of making an impression. Why not research the topics your customers are looking for so you can impress them by showing a little knowledge in your bid. Be courteous and courteous when bidding and always offer samples, whether it’s writing an essay or offering an essay you’ve already written.

The bidding process for freelance writing positions on Elance can take anywhere from 3 to 12 days, and many freelance writers will see many offers that can be very low, some as low as $3 per 500-word article. Don’t let this put you off, remember clients get what they pay for as many who choose the lowest bid end up having to resubmit their freelance writing. Be honest with your bids, most customers are looking for quality and not the lowest bid.

the commentary

Feedback is probably one of the most important aspects of any freelance writing marketplace. Potential customers can be influenced by looking at your feedback and reviews from previous customers.
Your main job is to keep the feedback as high as possible, and this is where honest hard work comes into play. You may have noticed the use of the word “honesty” again, and that’s because honesty will play a vital role in your success as a freelance writer.

False bids and false information can lead to your undo from which it is almost impossible to recover no matter how hard you try.

If you tricked a client during the bidding process for a freelance writing position and were hired to complete their project, it will show up in your feedback. Customers can be very honest in their feedback reports and the scores you receive can hurt you in the long run.

The highest possible feedback for Elance is 5.0 and this includes customer reviews. Clients might give you a 4.0 or 4.5 feedback, but the reviews are where the truth lies, and this is what potential clients look at before hiring you for a freelance writing job.

The key to getting positive feedback is already you making sure your feedback scores are a true reflection of your work is key to your success.


Your freelance writer’s portfolio is a showcase of your talents where you store a variety of information about yourself and your work. Try uploading a series of samples that cover different aspects of writing, and each time you complete another writing assignment, upload a new sample for a potential client to look at. Some personal writing is always a good idea as it allows clients to judge your personal writing style. If you have a website or have published articles on the internet, make sure to include links for customers to view.

Remember that potential clients will always do their best to evaluate your work and make sure you are the right person for their project before hiring anyone, so the more samples and information you can provide, the better your chances of getting the job big to get.

do not give up

My final tip is this: never give up trying, never give up hope, never give up faith. The perfect assignment is always just around the corner. If you seem to be bidding on projects but never seem to be selected, you need to evaluate your bidding style. Read what other people are bidding on, personalize yours and market yourself. Confidence shows that you have the ability to prove it in your bid. Sell yourself to that prospect; you are a writer after all, aren’t you.


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