All About Freelance SEO Writing Jobs

Ever since people realized they needed the right keywords in the right places to get their sites high in search engines, freelance SEO writers have been at work – and a lot.

SEO stands for “Search Engine Optimization”. Search engines, such as Yahoo! and Google, search for certain words on the web and rank them accordingly on the search results page. The higher your website ranks on the search results page, the more searchers will notice it.

Companies hire SEO writers to turn their websites into marketing tools that increase sales, and they are willing to pay top dollar for it. Depending on the company and your skill level, you can earn $10-$50 per original article of 500-750 words. If you can also host the company’s website, write all of their content, and monitor their search engine visibility, you can expect a monthly salary of $250 to $3,500. If you only edit keywords, it will only cost a few dollars per 500 words.

Who offers SEO writing jobs and what is involved?

Anyone with a commercial website can benefit from freelance SEO writers. This is especially true when competition is high, such as in travel or real estate. If people can’t find these companies on the first page of search results, potential customers are less likely to visit their website.

This is your access point. A good SEO freelancer seamlessly integrates a few search terms or keywords into a web page so that search engines can find it easily.

The key here is “seamless”. Despite the addition of keywords, the text of the website should still flow naturally. Don’t use too many keywords (no more than a few per page) and don’t write an entire paragraph to include just one keyword.

How Do I Find Freelance SEO Writing Jobs?

The best places to start are freelance sites like and You can market yourself as a freelance SEO writer on these sites and bid on dozens of SEO writing jobs. These sites receive new SEO jobs almost daily, so you’ll always find freelance SEO work to bid on.

If you have experience as an SEO freelancer, you can earn a good salary. You need to build your own website to market your freelance services. If you can build your website to attract potential customers, that’s a good indication that you’re helping others find their website too!

How can I effectively respond to an SEO writer’s ad?

Put yourself in the shoes of someone looking for an SEO writer. What does he or she want to know?

Here’s the answer: Anyone looking for freelance SEO writers wants to know three things: 1) you have a proven track record; 2) your grammar is good; and 3) you’re creative enough not to let them. thumb. If you can prove these things, you can make an attractive offer and convince the customer to hire you.

Another key is providing a competitive quote. Freelance sites make this tricky because you can always find someone to outbid you. The best advice is to match your offer to your skills and experience. If you don’t have much experience, this is a chance to get the experience you need for a little less. Over time, your resume will grow and you may ask for more money.

Examples of SEO freelance ads:

Below is a sample ad that you may see on one of the freelance sites. See if you can figure out how to respond to make the client want to hire you:

I am a broker with a large customer base, but very few people find me through my website. I want to update my website to attract more people and get more visibility on the internet. I prefer someone who knows how to use SEO words effectively.

This ad makes you think brokers don’t know much about SEO. In your response, you should assure him that you can handle SEO in his industry. A good strategy is to suggest certain keywords or keyword phrases that he can use to improve the ranking of his website. You also need to assure him that you are not only optimizing his content for search engines, but also for his readers. Remember that good SEO copy is not only about keywords, but also about creative and effective marketing in general.


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