7 Ways To Find Freelance Writing Gigs Weekly

When I first started looking for freelance writing work, the initial lifestyle felt daunting. Why? When you search on sites like Indeed or even freelance sites like Peopleperhour, many job openings come up. But a big “but” emerges — competition and bidding wars.

I realized I was looking for real work, but kept competing with low paid freelancers. Struggling to get accepted for your preferred writing speed?

Be the writer who wants to be discovered. The answer is to look for work differently. Before I list the 7 ways to find freelance writing jobs, here are 7 common ones:

1. Search Craigslist for telecommuting writing jobs.

2. Go to elance or odesk to find writing projects.

3. Check job boards like Monster and Reed for job writing jobs.

4. Check Indeed.com daily for writer roles.

5. Sign up for a subscription site like Freelanceswitch.

6. Sending untargeted emails to local businesses you’ve never spoken to that offer writing services for their blogs.

7. Tell yourself everything will be fine, just wait…

Take a look at yourself, do you do these tasks every week? This is how I found gigs every day. And yes, it works – to an extent. The problem with this method is that

everyone does it

You become one of countless other stats fighting for prizes so you can pay your bills without losing your mind – I hope my Highlander plug works.

Do you understand me? How many bids are there on these items on Elance or Peopleperhour? There are too many of each project at best.

Now I’m not saying stop doing normal things, but don’t make it more than 50% of the time, that time should be spent pitching clients using my 7 methods.

I sell SEO copywriting services and also write fiction under an alias. I use a similar technique to find free works of fiction from different publishers. I could only write fiction to get a job. Here are tips for content writers who want specific freelance writing jobs, including SEO copywriting jobs and blog jobs:

1. Find companies that may need help with large orders. An SEO copywriter can catch hundreds of SEO agencies and web design firms with just a Google search. Find SEO companies that are actively looking for new hires, those with a career page. Connect with them through your Twitter account and tell them why you care. Look for design agencies that don’t offer content writing services and offer your content services to their clients. Many establishments have many customers and you can earn a windfall in no time. Many web design companies also offer content writing.

2. Use Topsy to find questions about selling online. Many companies ask all kinds of questions about SEO and Google rankings. The solution was content: for their blogs and their events on PPC, press releases, articles and social media. Offers tips, a free guide to the benefits of content marketing (only 10 points in PDF). Try to target a niche of potential customers, for example, your fishing equipment website may be linked to from a helpful fishing tips blog I found at… Offer visitors for people who have questions about content marketing and doing business online. Helpful and friendly, not a salesman. Don’t upsell until you tip and they appreciate it. Be active on social media and offer advice before serving.

3. Take advantage of Google Search and the ability to find results from the last 24 hours. Type in “freelance writing jobs” and some variations, then select Search in the last 24 hours from the Search Tools drop-down menu. This allows you to effectively view your ads as they are posted. And you can be the first at the door and get results from any number of sites. A good search term is “write for us” in the box.

4. Create a Facebook and/or LinkedIn group to discuss the benefits of freelance writing services for your website. Make it useful, with tips on how to write content, how to optimize it for Google, and list your services and what you can do. However, keep the promotion of your services to a minimum, as the primary goal is to get businesses in your group interested in your tips. This can lead to long-term customers if you are seen as a content marketing authority.

5. Take advantage of social media and business meetings in the local community. LinkedIn hosts many business events where thousands of companies meet and discuss their issues and all things marketing. on

Clear on page – this should be done before any of the above. Find forums for business and marketing, and the niche you want to target, where you can share tips. And not just your content writing services. For example, if you write for a law firm, the forums the law firm visits may contain tips on the latest software to help lawyers stay organized. do you understand! You are helpful and those who help others are rewarded. While it’s true that countless writers market their writing services this way, the trick is to be the most trusted source of information. That means providing tips that resonate, such as how to drive traffic to your website, how to set up a Facebook page for your business, and how to write useful content that will make your target audience read your website.

7. Orders for items that only cost a few euros each will not be accepted. Enough said, because this is very simple. Value your time. You are better than $1 per item. Real jobs pay more than a few dollars, and even early in your career, 400 words can run you as much as $50 or more.

Now you have a few different ways to find freelance writing jobs and long-term jobs. So, all the best.


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